Electric jug

Discover the Qnuss hot water bottle with double-sided heating for ultimate comfort, wherever you need it!

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Electric jug

Do you often feel cold and are you looking for the perfect product to get rid of it? With the Qnuss electric hot water bottle you will always be nice and warm, whether you sit outside or inside, this is the perfect product. Our innovative hot water bottle ensures that you can warm yourself wherever and whenever you want. 

The Qnuss electric jug

The Qnuss electric hot water bottle is designed to provide you with comfort and convenience. An evening on the couch, or enjoying the lounge set outside, you no longer have to worry about the cold. Forget the hassle of boiling water, with a simple push of a button you can enjoy soothing warmth within minutes. It's easy, comfortable and incredibly convenient. Our electric hot water bottle is perfect for cold evenings, chilly nights or when you need warmth to soothe muscle aches or just relax after a long day. Our electric hot water bottle can also be a good solution if you have stomach problems. 

Safe and efficient heating

Of course, safety is our top priority, which is why all Qnuss heating products are made with the best materials. Each Qnuss electric hot water bottle is equipped with a safe and efficient heating element that ensures fast and even heat distribution. With this hot water bottle you can enjoy comfortable warmth. The temperature is easy to adjust to your personal preference, so that you always have the ideal heat for your comfort. The unique design and high-quality materials guarantee a long lifespan, while the soft cover gives the jar a cozy and inviting appearance. Wonderful for cozy evenings on the couch or in the garden!

A sustainable electric hot water bottle

Our electric hot water bottle is not only about comfort, but also about sustainability. All our heating products will last you for years to come. Both the battery and the jug itself are of top quality. Unlike traditional methods of generating heat, the Qnuss electric hot water bottle offers an energy-efficient solution. Sustainability is something that is central to the development of our products. By supplying direct heat where and when you need it, you contribute to responsible energy consumption and save on your energy bill in the long term. Many people who choose Qnuss products can turn the heating down a degree at home!

An electric hot water bottle for every moment!

The Qnuss electric jug is more than a heating product, it is a unique addition to your home or catering business of course. There are already many restaurants and hotels that also choose our heating products. But we also find it in many people's homes. Whether you need relief from muscle pain, a hot water bottle for bed, or simply want to enjoy the coziness on a rainy day, our electric hot water bottle is the perfect option.

Enjoy the Qnuss hot water bottle

Choose the safe, reliable and sustainable heat of the Qnuss electric hot water bottle and experience a moment of comfort and convenience. You can of course also opt for a combination with our other products. Let the Qnuss electric hot water bottle warm you and enjoy the pleasant moments!