Warming blanket

Discover the versatile Qnuss heating blanket for comfortable enjoyment indoors and outdoors, with independently adjustable heat settings for the back and seat.

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Warming blanket

Experience unparalleled warmth with the Qleed - your ultimate heating blanket

When the cold winter months arrive, there is nothing more comfortable than snuggling up under a nice warm blanket. At Qnuss we understand that everyone longs for that extra bit of warmth, especially during those chilly evenings. That is why we proudly present the Qleed: not just a heating blanket, but an innovative solution that seamlessly combines comfort and technology.

Advanced infrared heating blanket

The Qleed is more than an electric blanket; it is a wireless heating blanket with advanced infrared technology. This technique provides deep heat that not only provides relaxation, but can also promote blood circulation. With the infrared heating you can enjoy an even distribution of heat that preserves your body heat and saves energy at the same time.

Three different heat settings

Your comfort is our priority, which is why the electric underblanket has three different settings: 39 °C, 42 °C and 45 °C. Whether you want a warm bed on a cold night or simply want to relax on the couch, you can place the electric underblanket on your mattress or under your fitted sheet to warm your bed. The Qleed, or heating blanket, offers you the perfect temperature for every moment.

Long lasting heat and fast charging time

Thanks to the powerful battery, the electric blankets provide long-lasting warmth for up to 5.5 hours, and with a charging time of only 3-4 hours for the heating element, the Qleed is quickly ready for use again. You can start your evening with a warmed blanket and fall asleep nice and warm, without worrying about the cold.

Material and comfort with our heating blanket

The Qleed is carefully made from a mix of cotton and polyester, which provides a wonderfully soft and comfortable feeling. The material is not only luxurious on the outside, but also sturdy and durable, making the electric heating blanket washable and therefore easy to maintain.

Unique service

Qnuss has developed a unique control panel for the heating blanket. Do you want a slightly heated back and extra warm feet? Which can! The two individually controllable knobs allow you to independently adjust your desired heat settings, giving you complete control over your comfort. This makes cold feet a thing of the past during cold days.

Color options for the thermal blanket and availability

Available in subtle colors such as ecru, brown, black and gray, the Qleed fits into any interior. Add a Qleed in your favorite color to your shopping cart and be surprised by the warmth and luxury of our products.

Choose the coziness and warmth of the Qleed. Place your order today and prepare for the ultimate experience of warmth and comfort that Qnuss has to offer. With the Qleed from Qnuss you can easily turn the thermostat down a degree, while enjoying the warmth and savings on your energy bill. Warmth, comfort and durability – that is what Qleed stands for. Order your heating blanket today!