Infrared technology

100% safe and easy to use.

Wireless heating comfort

Charge the battery whenever you want.

Up to 8 hours of warmth

Charged within 4-5 hours.

Earn yours Qnuss back in 6 to 12 months!

Discover the warmth of Qnuss - efficient, energy-saving and comfortable! Our heating products provide an effective way to heat yourself, without unnecessary energy consumption.

This means a smart transfer of heat that you can really feel! And did you know that by turning the thermostat down one degree, you can save an average of €180 per year in energy costs? Charging the battery will also cost you less than €10 per year. Our electric heating products are not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. Heat and savings in one, that's smart!

Embrace the warmth
Safe infrared heat
Fast charging time
Up to 8 hours of warmth
Heat up to 45 degrees

Our best selling products

Powerbank 10K 39,-

Morgen in huis

Qnuss Laadstation 59,-

Morgen in huis

The warmth of our customers

Thousands of satisfied heat enthusiasts

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More than 200 catering companies are now using the Qnuss heating pads and blankets!

Qnuss for home or on the terrace!

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