Heated seat cushion

Discover the versatile Qnuss outdoor seat cushion, water-repellent and heated for ultimate comfort, at home or on the terrace!

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Heat seat cushion

Our outdoor heated seat cushions are perfect if you want to dine late into the evening, or if you want to sit warm at a restaurant in the winter. With our heated seat cushion we ensure relaxation and comfort. This seat cushion is specially designed to provide warmth and comfort at any time, ideal for those chilly days or when your body asks for an extra dose of warmth. You can enjoy it until the late evenings, even when it starts to get colder. 

An innovative heating seat cushion

Our heated seat cushion is not just a cushion, it is an innovative solution that combines advanced heating technology with ultimate seating comfort. You will notice that with our products you stay outside longer, because you are not cold. Whether you eat outside, read a book, or want to sit at the table for a long time, this seat cushion ensures that you are always heated when necessary. With a simple push of a button you activate the infrared heating, which spreads heat quickly and evenly, perfectly tailored to your needs. The heat is distributed well and evenly, making it very comfortable. 

Enjoy the outdoors longer

Thanks to the cordless design and long battery life, you can enjoy the warmth of your pillow anywhere, whether you're sitting indoors or outside admiring the starry sky. This is also a popular product in the catering industry, because people can enjoy the terrace for longer. Even in winter it ensures that you can sit outside longer and more comfortably.

High-quality and durable heating seat cushion

Each Qnuss heating seat cushion is made of high-quality materials that feel soft and are durable at the same time. The outdoor heating seat cushion is, as the name suggests, used outdoors. This is why sustainability and quality are central to us. The cover is easy to remove and machine washable, so your pillow always stays fresh and hygienic. The cushion will last for years and remain beautiful. Multiple heat settings allow you to adjust the temperature exactly to your needs, whether you are looking for subtle warmth or more intense warmth during extremely cold days. This product is suitable for everyone, that is what we are convinced of. 

Also choose a Qnuss heating seat cushion

Also choose the Qnuss heating seat cushion and enjoy the moments outside. This product stands for  innovation and sustainability when it comes to our heating products. It offers an energy-efficient way to provide heat, so you can enjoy this warmth for a long time while sitting outside.