Infrared technology

Customized heat. The Qnuss experience

Discover the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency with Qnuss heating products, where tailor-made heat is delivered for your ultimate relaxation.

FIR (Far InfraRed)

infrared technology has revolutionized the way we experience heat. At Qnuss we use FIR (Far InfraRed), a long-wave form of infrared radiation that is completely safe for the human body. Whether it concerns our heating cushions, patio heaters or stoves, they all provide the efficient heat of infrared radiation.

The main difference with traditional heating systems is that Qnuss does not heat the air, but the people themselves. The infrared heat technology is located on the surface, so you can immediately feel the heat as soon as you turn on the pillow. With just one push of a button you will be enveloped in pleasant warmth within a few moments, without any hassle.

Why choose Qnuss?

Our advantages at a glance

100% safe and easy to use.

Charge the battery whenever you want.

Charged within 4-5 hours.

Always nice and warm

Physical advantages

The benefits of Qnuss go beyond just comfortable warmth. Our infrared heat also offers numerous benefits for your body.

If you regularly suffer from muscle pain after exercise or stiff joints after a long day, Qnuss can make a world of difference. The warmth of our pillows not only relaxes the muscles, but also stimulates blood circulation. This means that more oxygen-rich blood flows to the muscles, which speeds up the recovery process and reduces inflammation.

In addition, heat has a direct effect on the skin receptors, reducing pain receptors and promoting your overall well-being. With different heat settings you can choose just the right amount of heat to relax and enjoy the beneficial effects on body and mind. With a Qnuss pillow you are always just a button press away from pure relaxation and comfort.