Heating pad

Discover the versatile Qnuss heating pad for ultimate comfort, at home and on the road, while saving on energy costs at the same time!

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Heating pad

Experience the warmth of Qnuss: your comfort, our care

Looking for a wonderful heating pad for those cold winter months or just for extra comfort after a long day? At Qnuss you will find what you need. Our electric heating pads are not only comfortable and stylish, they are also equipped with the latest technologies to heat your body in a healthy way. Discover our exclusive collection here, including the popular Qlassic and Qomfy models.

The luxury of the wireless heating pad

Wherever you go, the warmth goes with you. The heating pads are there to provide extra comfort during your favorite moments at home on the couch, in bed, or outside in the garden or on the road. Our wireless heating pads are the ideal solution for those who take warmth and relaxation seriously. The battery lasts up to 6 hours and has a charging time of only 4-5 hours, so you are always assured of a warm and wonderful pillow.

Infrared heating for your well-being

Each Qnuss heating pad is equipped with advanced infrared technology. The infrared heating, which becomes wonderfully warm, is incorporated into the seat on the surface of the cover. The electric pillows not only promote muscle relaxation, but also contribute to various health benefits. The deep warmth is a blessing for your back and body, perfect for use as a back cushion or just for that extra warmth on the couch.

Choose from different heat settings with the heating pad

With three different heat settings – 39 °C, 42 °C and 45 °C – you have control. You adjust the heat to your personal needs. Whether you want a degree warmer or prefer a soft warmth, your Qnuss pillow meets your wish.

Qlassic vs. Qomfy: which heating pad suits you?

Our range consists of different types of heating pads, namely the Qlassic and the Qomfy. Both guarantee quality and durability. The Qomfy distinguishes itself with its soft velvet fabric, which provides an unprecedented comfortable and soft feeling. The Qlassic is a timeless classic that suits any interior and any favorite spot in the house.

Warmth anytime, anywhere with your heating pad

Qnuss pillows are not only intended for home use. Thanks to the wireless and rechargeable function, you can take the heat from your pillow everywhere: in the car, during an outdoor event, or even on your chair at the office. You don't need a socket, so experience the freedom of heating anywhere.

Environmentally conscious and energy-saving heating pad

In times when sustainability and the environment play an increasingly important role, our heating pads make a positive contribution. Instead of heating an entire room or house with traditional heating, infrared heating focuses exactly where it is needed. That is comfort that also saves energy. You can set the thermostat a degree lower, helping to reduce CO2 and save on your energy bill.

High quality product with excellent service

At Qnuss, quality comes first. Every product in our stock has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure it offers high quality and longevity. Choose your ideal heating pad, add it to your shopping cart and enjoy the cozy warmth tomorrow. And if necessary, our returns policy is just as warm and customer-friendly as our pillows.

Recharge, relax and enjoy with the heating pads

With Qnuss heating pads you choose a smart investment. Because the heating pad is wireless, you can take it anywhere. Our pillows are equipped with a powerful 10,000 mA power bank and are easy to charge via a charging cable. All you have to do is adjust the pillow to the right position, snuggle up in your favorite spot, and the worries of the day will blink away with every degree of warmth our pillow provides.

Discover the perfect heating pad for your needs now and add a touch of warmth to your everyday life, so you can relax in the comfort of your own home, with the quality and convenience you expect from Qnuss.