Congratulations on your purchase of your Qnuss! In this manual you can read how you can easily prepare your Qnuss for use. You will also find additional information there.

Product information
Qnuss heating products are equipped with an infrared heating panel and have a powerful power bank (10,000 mAh). The included charging cable has a universal USB-C connection.

Read the manual before use
• It is important that Qnuss heating products should not be used by people who are hypersensitive to heat and vulnerable people who cannot respond to overheating.
• We recommend only using the supplied charger and power bank. Using any other charger or power bank may cause danger and permanent damage to the Qnuss product.
• Do not use the product when it is wet.
• For optimal performance of the product, it should not be exposed to heat from other heat sources.
• Make sure you do not fold the product (while traveling, for example). The Qleed can be rolled up or folded in half (note the heating element).
• Press the Q button to set the heat setting. From lukewarm to warm: Position 1 = green, position 2 = orange and position 3 = red.
• Please note: children under 3 years of age should not use this device
because they cannot respond to overheating.
• The product may be used by children between 3 and 8 years old under the supervision of a parent. Always use the lowest setting.
• Qnuss products are not intended for medical use in hospitals.
• Check regularly that your Qnuss has no signs of damage or weakness. If this is the case, you can contact us.

What do you receive?
• Inner cushion with infrared technology
• Cushion cover
• 10.000 mAh Powerbank
• USB-C charging cable

User manual
To upload
Charge the power bank with the supplied USB cable. When all lights are on, the power bank is fully charged.
It takes about 4 to 5 hours for the power bank to be fully charged

Power bank
Fully charge the power bank before use. If you want to know the status of your power bank, you can look at the lights. The Qnuss power bank will then indicate the battery status:
• 4 lights = 100% full
• 3 lights = 75% full
• 2 lights = 50% full
• 1 light = 25% full

IMPORTANT: Only use the original Qnuss power bank
and charger for optimal performance and safety
to guarantee. If the product is damaged or weak due to the use of your own power bank, the warranty will be void.

The product has 3 heat settings:
• Green | Low | 39ºC
• Orange | Middle | 42ºC
• Red | High | 45ºC

Place the power bank in the compartment behind the zipper and connect the cable. Switch on the heat source by pressing the Q button (on/off switch). Press 'Q' again to activate a different heat setting. The product switches off automatically after 6.5 hours. Qnuss heating products are equipped with overheating protection. The protection ensures that the temperature is temporarily reduced when the current temperature in the heating panel threatens to become too high.

Qnuss products are easy to clean. For more information about how to best maintain and clean your product, see this page.

Store your Qnuss in a dry place when not in use. When you store the Qnuss, let it cool down first. Do not place (heavy) objects on it during storage.

Fix the problem
Help! My product no longer heats up:
Check whether the charging cable is properly connected to the power bank. and check both for damage. Never attempt to repair the product yourself. Are you stuck? Send an email to

Technical specifications
• Powerbank 10.000 mAh 5V 3A
• Safety class: Class III
• Ambient temperature: 0 to 25°C
• Humidity: <85%
• Heating element: infrared technology (FIR)
• Heat time: The heat time depends on which power bank and heat setting you choose. The ambient temperature and the condition of your power bank can also play a role. For more information about the different power banks, view this page.

This is an overview of the heating time. As you can see, the product lasts the longest on the lowest setting.

10,000mAh power bank = 3.5 – 7 hours of heat

When using one heating element with the Qleed, the battery lasts up to 9 hours.

CE marking
Qnuss products comply with the requirements and other relevant provisions of the current European RoHS and CE directives 2014/30/EU. The Qnuss charging station also has various CE certificates, including the Certificate of Compliance.

WEEE instruction
The WEEE mark (or, with its English abbreviation, WEEE mark) indicates that this product must not be disposed of as unsorted waste, but must be collected separately for recovery and recycling.

Your Qnuss warranty starts on the day of purchase and is valid for 2 years. If your Qnuss product is defective during the warranty period, we will repair or replace it free of charge. The warranty does not cover damage or weakness caused by:

Normal wear and tear
Use of a non-official Qnuss power bank
Own repairs or repairs carried out by unauthorized agents (outside of Qnuss)
Improper maintenance of the product
Water damage and damage caused by the weather
The legal warranty applies. This means that a product must do what you as a consumer can reasonably expect from it.

We always do our utmost to deliver high-quality products, through various checks and samples (see: quality marks and certifications). In some cases you may still receive a defective product. We want to resolve this as quickly as possible. Qnuss guarantees your legal rights to a product in accordance with reasonable expectations. Typically, the warranty is handled through replacement, repair or refund. In some cases you can claim a manufacturer's warranty. This possible manufacturer's warranty does not affect the above-mentioned legal warranty. For more information about this and other warranty questions, please contact our customer service at

Do you get a warranty if the fabric pills?
Pilling affects the appearance of the fabric. Rotating movements caused by sitting cause the fabric to become felted and tangled. It has nothing to do with wear of the fabric, but you can prevent excessive pilling with the tips below.

Pay attention to the humidity level in your home. The right humidity level is very important for your entire home and health. For example, a humidity level between 40 and 60 percent is a perfect value. If the value is too low, substances become more static and attract more dirt.
Fleece plaids are cozy, but just like dirt from socks and clothing, they can cause pilling.
Vacuuming with the wrong nozzle can also cause pilling.
You can eliminate pilling with a textile clipper. Pilling is not covered by the warranty.