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At Qnuss we understand how important it is to feel comfortable and warm, whatever the season.

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Heat products

At Qnuss we understand how important it is to feel comfortable and warm, whatever the season. From late summer evenings to winter, you can always enjoy with our heating products. We offer an extensive collection of electrically heated heating products, perfect for those looking for warmth and comfort in their lives. Whether it is for the lounge set in your garden or the terrace of your restaurant, with our heating products you can always enjoy comfort and warmth. From heating pads to heating blankets, hot water bottles and heating seat cushions, our products are made to provide you with warmth and relaxation when you need it most. 

Comfort and relaxation with the Qnuss heating products

Our products are not just made to keep you warm, they are made for comfort and relaxation, made with the latest technologies and the highest quality materials. The benefits are endless and the durability and quality mean you can enjoy our products for years to come. Each product has been carefully designed to not only provide warmth, but also create a healthy, relaxing experience. The advanced infrared heating technology provides deep, comfortable heat that promotes muscle relaxation and contributes to your comfort.

Relaxation and warmth, regardless of the situation

With our electrically heated heating products you are no longer dependent on your environment to stay comfortable. From late evenings outdoors to a heating pad for indoors, Qnuss has the perfect solution. The versatility allows you to use the products anywhere. Our heating blankets wrap you in soft, wonderful warmth, while our heating bottles and heating seat cushions provide you with warmth where you need it most. Each product has its own unique benefits!

The best range of heating products

Qnuss is more than just a heating product; we stand for comfort and quality. Only the best quality products can be found in our range. We stand for sustainable, energy-saving heating products that suit your lifestyle. We also offer solutions for the catering industry. At a time when sustainability and conscious energy use are crucial, our products offer a responsible way to heat your living space, focusing on comfort without unnecessarily heating the entire room or house.

Choose a Qnuss heating product!

Choose Qnuss and experience the difference. Add the perfect warming product to your collection now and enjoy the comfortable, relaxing warmth that will transform your daily life. You will enjoy our products for years to come. With Qnuss you never have to worry about cold outdoors again. Step into the world of Qnuss, where warmth and comfort come together to improve your well-being.