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Sustainable patio heating

Are you looking for environmentally friendly and energy-saving options to keep your guests warm, even at lower temperatures?

The Dutch brand Qnuss develops designer heating pads with a rechargeable battery that provide hours of wireless heating comfort and are easy to charge via USB. Qnuss is a fast-growing company with a strong team that develops affordable and sustainable heating products for the catering sector.

They already went before you!

More than 200 catering companies are now using the Qnuss heating pads and blankets!

How works Qnuss on your terrace?

How does Qnuss work on your terrace?
The built-in infrared heat technology keeps your guests warm and comfortable in all seasons, so they stay a little longer for another cup of coffee or glass of wine. Qnuss heating pads and blankets offer (depending on the heat setting and battery) up to 8 hours of heating comfort and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Lower energy costs
Patio heaters are widely used in the Dutch catering industry. The air is heated, warm air rises, causing more than half of the energy to be lost. An electric heater uses 1,500 watts, a gas heater uses 12,000 watts. Our power banks consume only 28 Watts. After all, with Qnuss pillows you heat yourself and not the air! This way, more guests can stay nice and warm in a sustainable way. Especially now that patio heaters and heaters are increasingly being discussed due to high energy costs, Qnuss is a cost-saving and sustainable investment for your company. It may even be possible to apply for a subsidy in your municipality!

Why choose Qnuss?

Our advantages at a glance

100% safe and easy to use.

Charge the battery whenever you want.

Charged within 4-5 hours.

Always nice and warm

Better terrasbezetting

Qnuss gives your terrace extra warmth. Guests experience more comfort, which means they stay seated longer and the terrace remains fuller. Calculate your profit! Cozy, warm and Qnuss, that's what your guests will come back for!

For each his own
In our range you will find a wide range of heating products for both indoors and outdoors with a trendy and contemporary look. For example, the stylish Qlassic, a seat cushion with a sleek design made from special outdoor fabric. The decorative cushions have a luxurious look and give your business a great stylish touch. Last but not least is the Qleed, a woolly XL sheep blanket, available in rural colors. These soft blankets are certainly an eye-catcher on the terrace and effectively warm your guests so that they can enjoy it longer and order an extra drink.

Get cozy with us!

We are happy to make an appointment to discuss the different options with Qnuss heating pads and blankets. Send an email to for more information and we will contact you as soon as possible!